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North America's first product renewal subscription service for retail.

After 10 years of working in the reverse logistics and repair industry, I realized the system we’re familiar with is not setup to scale the way the earth needs it to.Consumers are increasingly asking for brands to be more active in battling the climate crisis, and are seeking ways to lengthen the lifespan of their products, and buy secondhand.Introducing Spruce, a subscription service that clears the path retailers to offer care, repair, alteration, and resale from their stores.It’s for any product type, it works right out of the box, it’s hyperlocal, it’s tech-enabled, it thrives at scale, and I think it can be “the tide that raises all boats” for repair in our society.I call it renewal-as-a-service.Spruce was born in the 2022 Project Zero Circular Economy Business Incubator program, winning second place in December 2022.I encourage you to contact me if...

  • You are interested in joining the team in a co-founder, technology, marketing, operations or advisory role

  • You are a retailer who would like to talk about partnering for a pilot

  • You are an investor who would like to stay up-to-date with our progress

  • You are a journalist searching for an exciting story

What is Fluster Creations?

Fluster Creations creates FLUSTER (how original), the social card game. It's a passion project turned small business.Our vision is to reduce loneliness, bridge division, and support wellbeing through play.

How We're Doing It

With FLUSTER, we create opportunities for personal reflection and deeper connection, one question at a time.

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With over 10 years of people leadership experience, a track record of intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship, a passion for circularity initiatives, service design, operations, and the culture and systems necessary for healthy teamwork, I am a resourceful leader, builder, and collaborator.


Specializing in circular and sustainability initiatives, experience design, after-sales service, repair and warranty management, operations management, project management, strategy, and coaching. My clients include:

  • Arc'teryx Equipment Inc. Circularity initiatives, strategy development, case management software, ReBird, in-store care and repair, project management, training and coaching

  • Gather Living Inc. Business development, process design, project management

  • Renewt Technical Apparel Specialists Inc. Business development

  • Inspired individuals and leaders taking their lives and work to the next level


I was selected to explore my latest venture idea within the Project Zero Incubator program. Be in touch if you’d like to be my client, or be a part of the new startup journey.

Work Alongside Me!

I'm always interested in partnering and collaborating with smart, passionate, caring people on my projects. Teamwork fills my cup. If you bring something to the table, I'm keen to talking to you, let's collaborate. Here's some ideas below to get the gears turning. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Spruce Circularity: Technical leader, marketing leader, graphic design, branding, software development

  • Adventure Roller: CEO, product development, commercialization, licensing

  • Fluster Creations: Marketing, B2B sales, DTC advertising, content creation, graphic design

  • Hylo Solutions: Lead generation, administration

Like many great entrepreneurs, Devon is creative, driven, and obsessive in the best way. Whatever a problem requires, be it ingenuity, analysis, or sheer force of will, he has the toolkit to solve it. Devon has put immense work into developing his understanding of himself and how he relates to others, which has enabled his evolution into a more patient and generous collaborator and leader, without compromising his high standards or ambition. - Walker Banerd, Co-Founder, Fluster Creations Inc.

Documented Thoughts

"From this point forward you can help their situation or hinder recovery. Choose, because you can’t opt out."

I have learned a lot about concussions in the last year. I wrote this to help leaders and organizations support their people. Read the post on Medium.

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